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The Invisible War

The Invisible War, dark bombastic electronic music, bio

The Invisible War is a one man project that has been serving me as a creative outlet by means of electronic compositions that range from pieces resembling orchestral music to more electronic or ambient arrangements. The tunes are intended to invoke and intensify basic moods of lust, empowerment, joy, wrath, rupture and passion and channel these energies towards desired results. The purpose is to provide an acoustic environment that helps to establish the suspension of disbelief and appropriate ceremonial and ritual setting. That is how the very first tracks came into existence as I was looking for pieces of music each catching a very specific feel. Aside from this, the songs have become an aesthetic means to reach back to long forgotten times.

The term "The Invisible War" is derived from the same titled essay by Dr. LaVey's who has been, is and will always be a never ceasing source of profound inspiration and wisdom. The Invisible War in the context of the acoustic arrangements presented here can be understood as a means of clear opposition to the aesthetic standards that have become commonplace in contemporary society and the intention to recapture past currents of an archaic type in appreciation of power and fulfillment of the ego.
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