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The Invisible War

The Invisible War: dark bombastic electronic music












The Invisible War: Ego = God
Composed & performed by Prometheus. Genre: Orchestral, Instrumental.

Dare to knock on the door of this mirthsome dimension, to either be at one with the predatory archetype displayed, or consumed in either fear, or gratification...

I. Infernal Overture: A majestic introduction worthy to herald the entrance of The Lord of The Earth, and inaugurate this malefik masterpiece.

II. Synergies: Conjoined integrations blend into shadowy energetic forces, forming both wondrous and terrible spectacles of the imagination, and the attraction of likened resonance compounding one's empowered being.

III. World Without End: With an appropriate Vampiric-sounding violin recycling myriad tonalities, this grants the impression of Constant regeneration, ever preserving beauty and strength.

IV. Ego = God: A memorable composition presenting a gratifying reversed music effect at times, overlain with waves of timelessness.

V. Cycling Eternally: A ponderous piece which floats in the air with a haunting somnambulence, hypnotic and brooding.

VI. The Black Dragon Conclave: Another majestic fanfare which would be quite fitting for a meeting of devils in the shadows of the earth.

VII. Der Wille Zur Macht: Strings punctuated with the beating of drums, unstoppable, perpetual. A tribute to the omnipotent Will materializing what one desires.

VIII. Metamorphosis: The evolution of The Self into higher states of being, and even that of lycanthropy, framed by a transmutating organ echoing eerily into the darkness.

IX. Kingdom: Rising up from the distance, ever closer to manifestation, by the sound of the gong, visions of a kingdom flickers in a dream, crossing dimensional portals wherein one can hear the denizens of the-is-to-be. A vision made reality.

Overall, Ego = God is a sonic journey into Might & Magic, resembling the works of Phillip Glass, with shades of Threnody For Humanity, and would make a fine horror soundtrack, also complimenting certain nocturnal activities. A potent emergence for The Invisible War, & the talents of this veritable Sonic Sorcerer
Warlock Blackthorne